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Sunday, June 3, 2012

T!T! & BLAH in the Press

Looks like summer's about to hit and San Diego is on everyone's minds. Or is it beer that's on their minds? Either way, we love the press. "In addition to downtown and Hillcrest, there's North Park, where craft beer and well-wrought sandwiches await at Tiger! Tiger!" Here's a link to the complete LA Times article "Southern California Close-Ups"

And, how are things on the East Coast? Looks like they might be sitting in their cubicles daydreaming about West Coast beers. "If Hamiltons shuts out the bright Southern Californian light in classic pub style, the Blind Lady Ale House, in the Normal Heights neighborhood, invites it in with plenty of communal tables near its big plate-glass windows..." Check out the full NY Times article here "Beyond San Diego's Surf and Sun: Suds".