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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


So much stuff going on, let's go day by day and start with TODAY-


DrinkAbout is tonight. At TIGER! TIGER! we have a cask of Founders / Green Flash collab called Linchpin (a white ipa).

At BLAH we have a $5 margheritas (the pizza, duh), but you have to ask. It's a secret. Shhh. And only till 7pm.


It's bike to work week and so we are giving 15% instead of our usual 10% if you ride your bike. and B2W culminates on friday with dealios on friday. At BLAH we up the discount to 20% and at TIGER!TIGER! we are serving up a $2.50 hangar 24 cask. But only if you wear your B2W t-shirt, or show your B2W schwag or flaunt your B2W check-in sticker. Otherwise, no $2.50 deal.

Oh, and word is that Fox5 will be at T!T! at 6:45am to shoot for the live from the boulevard segment.

Oh Oh, and the other word is that KUSI will be at BLAH at 6am to do a story on Bike To Work Day and the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition. Super Nice!

There is yet more fun stuff on Friday: Have you heard of Societe Brewing? You should. We'll have kegs of their Apprentice IPA & Harlot Belgian Extra at progressive pricing. $2-2pm, $3-3pm, $4-4pm. Starts at 11:30am on Friday at Tiger!Tiger!

At BLAH we've have progressive kegs starting at 11:30am. Random beers at a nice price. $2-2pm, $3-3pm, $4-4pm.


At TIGER! TIGER! we are opening early, at 11 am, for the UEFA Finals! BAYERN MUNCHE vs CHELSEA. BIG screen with BIG sound.

Saturday is also Bike the Boulevard. If you go on it, you will are scheduled to stop at T!T! from 3-4. We will have Celis White for $3 for that hour to celebrate BTB.

At BLAH we will have a Founders Flight when we open at 11:30 am. Also we will have Lunchpin, that's a lunchtime offering of the Green Flash/Founders Linchpin - say that 5 times fast. Ha. Really, that just means we will have Linchpin on at lunchtime at BLAH, but it's so fun to say Lunchpin.


The jam-packed weekend continues with the Festival o' fArts, we mean Arts, in North Park on Sunday. The beer garden is open 11-6 and Lee will be there with the latest Automatic Brewing creation. Thing Belgian wheat, tangerines, kumquats and maybe some other fresh and fruitiness thrown in at the last minute. Oh, and T!T! is just a short walk from the festival. Nice.

Also there is brunch and doughnuts at T!T! We have coffee now on sundays and we like to highlight / showcase different local coffee roasters, including our neighbors Calabria AND the new guy on the boulevard, the Coffee & Tea Collective, who are open for service as of Wednesday! Speaking of those doughnuts, people are talking 'bout them all over facebook. It's pretty darn flattering (to our sous Sharon Wilson, who makes 'em that is) and yeah, they're vegan. We only make them (for now) on sundays.

:: but wait, there is more ::

We are gonna open for lunches at BLAH for Summer, as in Tuesday-Sunday starting June 19. More info to come as we get closer. but now we have said it out loud so we have to do it!

We are giving away a bike, did you know that? Courtesy of the wonderful Adams Avenue Bikes - it's a LINUS Dutchi 3-speed. You can see one at both T!T! and BLAH! (look up) and you can buy raffle tickets at either place too and they are $1 or $20 wingspan and all the money goes to the SD County Bike Coalition. Win-win.