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Sunday, February 19, 2012

PtY Mania hits T!T! for a good cause

Cancer has troubled 2 people in the Blind Lady Ale House/Tiger!Tiger! Family. Chris S. ("the Elder" at 42 years old) developed a brain tumor and Primary CNS Lymphoma. Lyla C. ("the Younger" at just 10 months old) developed a Germ Cell Tumor and Yolk Sac Cancer. They are both awesome, strong people who are currently fighting the disease, and winning the fight because of great developments in treatment. But those treatments are not cheap.

Chris & Lyla fight cancer every day...help us support them by savoring a beer we get once a year.

11:30am, Saturday, February 25 at Tiger!Tiger! = $16
11:30am, Sunday, February 26 at Tiger!Tiger! = $16

Join us for a side-by-side Pliny Tasting Event at Tiger!Tiger! Tavern.
You will receive 25cl of each: PLINY THE ELDER & PLINY THE YOUNGER served from brand new beer lines and clean stainless components.
With the price of your ticket, we are also throwing in a single raffle ticket to win a case of Pliny the Elder. Additional raffle tickets will be available for purchase.

As you know this beer is quite limited, so be here on time! We do not expect to have any extra beer.
One ticket per person (each person through the door will receive ONE drink ticket, good for the Pair of beers).
No cheating.
We are limiting each day to just 75 guests.

ALL PROCEEDS, from tickets and raffle, are going to the Families of Chris the Elder and Lyla the Younger.

(Pliny the Younger will NOT be for sale at the event: it's for ticket holders ONLY. Other beers will be available, however.)

RECAP: $16 = .25L Pliny the Younger + .25L Pliny the Elder + 1 Raffle Ticket.  A great experience, plus the money raised helps 2 people through Cancer.

FOOD: TIGER!TIGER! kitchen will be open for lunch. Come hungry.

PLINY the FUNDRAISER #2 : Tickets go on sale Monday at 7:00pm : BUY
PLINY the FUNDRAISER #3 : Tickets go on sale Monday at 7:30pm : BUY